The only signal application for Forex IBs!

Download the application\ sign in\ invite your followers and start giving signals!

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FX IB Features

the application\ sign in\ invite your followers and start giving signals!

Easy & Fast

User friendly interface

High Technology

As soon as the signal trades are executed in MT4 the followers receive the signals.

Performance of the Signals

You can filter the performance of the signals according to date and products.

User management

IB s can easlily invite and manage the followers.

Modern, User Friendly & Powerful Interface

With user friendly interface of fx ib signal, your subscribers can easily receive the signals without getting lost in the application menus. They get the signals instantly via push and e-mail notifications. And they can easily execute the signals which are sent with clear entry, stop loss and take profit levels.

Signals are sent to followers by opening these positions in MT4 which you are accustomed to using. By this way, you can both trade and send your signals without being disconnected from the trading platform. When the positions reach take profit ao stop loss levels the followers are informed with automatic update notifications.

IB Registration

IB Benefits

The only signal application for Forex IBs!

User friendly

The interface is easily understandable, you will not be get lost in the menus.

Too Fast

Your signals will be delivered on the wings of the wind.

Market News

You can also keep your followers update by sending them market updates as notifications.

MT4 based software

Signals are sent to followers at the moment they are entered to MT4

Super Responsive

Application is full compatible with all Ios and Android mobile devices.

Easy to use

You can easily invite your followers with the web based user interface.

Chat Box

Enhance your communication with your followers.

Web Based Admin Platform

You can manage your application through web based Admin Platform


Followers can easily download the application from the mobile device market.

Easy to install

Followers can easily download the application from the mobile device market.

Quick Register

They can register by just a few information, than they are in.

Set Your Profile

They can personalize your application in the Settings section.


After these 3 short steps you they ready to receive your signals and market news feeds.

App Screenshots

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Some FAQ

You can send your questions about FXIB Signals to

IBs should register by filling the IB Registration Form on the web site and after the application is approved they can start sending their signals via web platform.

Subscribers can download and install the application from google play or apple store.

In order that you can receive the signals, you should be invited by an introducing broker. If you haven’t received such an invitation FXIB will make you receive the signals of the best perfoming ib.

We will soon release the best performing IBs, among whom you will be able to make your own selection.

You can make your application by filling the IB registration form. You will be contacted by the FXIB admins either by phone or skype to have an interview after which you will be sent the logins of the FXIB platform that you can invite all your clients and send them signals.

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