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Forex IB Signals is an application for IBs to send their signals to their clients. If you are an IB in the Forex world it may be hard to manage your investors all at once, especially if they are high in numbers. 

With the FXIB application you can send your signals and market news via push notifications and e-mails. Additionally, clients can copy trades the minute a signal is received, without wasting any time. This useful, organized and highly effective system is only a mobile device away and available to use anywhere you like. This application raises the bar, allowing IBs to improve the type of service they provide their clients. Just imagine sending your market opinions to all of your clients, all at once, no matter how many, and whenever they are needed.

With FXIB application you are also independent like an investment company.

Most IBs have to depend on investment companies to manage both the relationship with their clients and their funds. Moreover, IBs need their clients to open accounts at specific companies, however you need not worry about that any more. Using this application, clients will be able to open their accounts wherever they like. Not to mention, IBs will be able to manage all copy trades wherever they like via their mobile phones.

Send your trading signals with clear open price, TP, SL levels.

• Send timely market news
• Do this with any mobile device and where ever you are.
• You will be able to send your market perspective anywhere at any time and to all of your clients at once.
•This is only a mobile device away.
• Your investors can simultaneously copy trade and open the signaled positions without wasting any time.
• Calculate the return of your signals.
• Chat with your clients

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